Who Are You In Your Marriage…Job or Mrs. Job?

Who Are You In Your Marriage…Job or Mrs. Job?

Probably the best advice I ever received about being in a relationship was to,“Just be yourself”. However, I sometimes have to ask myself – who am I?

Have you ever had a challenge come up and your reaction to it was just totally out of character? Well as of late, I have had a few more of those moments than usual. Some stress on my job kind of had me out of sorts for a week or so and I was a little testy about it.

My recent, unpredictable, fire-cracker reactions have reminded me of the biblical marriage of Job and his wife. It was when they had lost absolutely everything they owned – their source of income, houses, land, servants, and ten children – that Job’s wife confronted Job and told him to stop trying to hold on to his integrity and just curse God and die.

Her reaction always gets looked down upon as her being a bad wife. But in fairness, let’s keep in mind that above anything else they lost, Mrs. Job was facing the loss of her ten children. So while Job’s wife, whom I call Mrs. Job, reacts to their losses in the most negative way imaginable by encouraging Job to curse God, we have to admit that we really don’t know how we would react in the same situation. I would like to say that in everything I face, I will or do react according to my faith – but that is not always the case.

Rather than beat ourselves up for the way we have responded to things in the past, the encouragement is that we have a choice in how we respond to challenges in our marriage. We can choose to respond like Job, who was able to retain his faith in God in the face of losing everything. Or, we can respond like Job’s wife who was unable to get past the things that were hurting her.

The ability to keep a proper perspective of God when experiencing marital challenges serves as the foundation for restoring your marriage when things get rocky. For as Job continued to rely on his faith, God eventually restored his marriage twofold and gave him and his wife ten more children.

And the question is – when difficult times hit your marriage, who are you? Are you a Job, the one that relies on your faith to guide your actions and reactions? Or are you Mrs. Job, the one that only can see the pain?




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