Where are you on your New Year’s Resolutions?

Where are you on your New Year’s Resolutions?

Based on past experiences I personally do not make resolutions. It is indeed easy to say you want to do certain things differently and believe me I have been there but at the end of the day I know what my limitations are. I have willed myself to change my not-so-great habits but, to no avail. Sometimes I cringe at the memories of the things I use to want to change only to be reminded that I ought not to change these things to please society, only to please God. At the end of the day He is the one that we will be facing to give an account as to our earthly lives we lived.

Some of the more prominent resolutions I have made and heard over the years include:

Weight loss – the most talked about because for some reason we believe that we can change and be a new person come January 1st. First, your mind has to change and with that comes better eating and exercising habits.

 Being a better spouse – no one but you can make up your mind to treat your significant other in a better manner. We take the people who choose to love us for granted at times but at the end of the day we will come full circle and know that we have to work out our kinks with each other in order for our lives as married couples to be better

Being a better parent – I know I ma not a perfect parent but I do the best I can and for one reason or another I would compare myself to other parents not knowing they are having the same struggles as I am. We strive to be the best we can with what is placed in front of us and we just role with the punches and take the good with the not-so-good because the road of parenthood is not an easy one especially when more than one child is involved in the process.

Going to church more – I love this one because when I hear others say it I smile because I know I use to say it. The fact of the matter is that going to church does not lead us to salvation or makes us better Christians, for me it was a way to say I am doing right by Him, plain and simple. He does not want me to pity Him by going to church, that is further from the truth. He wants to have a closer and better relationship with me, yes, but not just by going to church. A church is just a building with many people who congregate on Sundays to worship Him. He wants a relationship everyday not just one day of the week when the place and time is convenient for me.

I grew up believing that “a promise is a comfort to a fool” and by all means do not promise to make changes you know you will not fulfill. Plan to do better one day at a time with God’s help. No one said the road would be easy but He didn’t bring us this far to leave us by ourselves. Trust in Him and He will, yes, He will direct your path!

Diane A. Green is an awesome wife to a wonderful husband, the mother of two beautiful girls, a Human Capital professional and an aspiring author.

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