When Mom Hears From God (Part 2)

When Mom Hears From God (Part 2)

By Edward

As a follow up to our post yesterday, When Mom Hears From God, let’s look again at the marriage of Samson’s parents. Again, Samson’s father was Manoah but his mother’s name was never given. The only other thing that is said about his mother is that she was unable to have children.

The omission of her name and the fact that she could not have kids, seems to feel (imo) like her status is being marginalized. I must confess I never met Samson’s mother nor Samson himself for that matter (LOL). But in what I see in Samson I feel like I know this unnamed, barren woman whom God chose to speak to and use to bring Samson the deliverer of Israel into this world. Samson is known as physically strong and a fierce warrior for God. As strong as Samson was physically, his mother appears to be spiritually.

I attend roughly 60 funerals a year in some capacity. Often I am asked to offer words of comfort to a son or daughter that has just lost their mother – whom I don’t know. It is pretty amazing because I show up at the church not sure what to say at such a sensitive time about a person that I never met. Yet as I sit and listen to the testimonies and memories that are shared and then think about their son or daughter that I know, I start to feel like I am meeting the deceased loved one that I never physically met.

A kind, compassionate son or a friendly, cheerful daughter does not get that way on their own. Their character traits are typically the result of what is modeled in front of them or poured into them over years of nurturing. Just like was the case for Samson’s mother her own character and faith were first shaped by hearing from God. As she heard from God in Judges 13:1-5 and then watched him do everything He promised to do, her character and faith in God grew. Samson the well known man of strength is the product of a little known mother that heard from God and became strong in her faith in God.

This Mothers Day, how have you been made strong because of the strength of character in your mother?


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