When Mom Hears From God: Part 1

When Mom Hears From God: Part 1

By Edward

Samson’s mother was an unnamed woman married to a man named Manoah, at the beginning of Judges 13. At that time, she could not have children. It is quite imaginable that just as it is for many women today, her inability to have children weighed heavily on her. It is in this time of pain that God shows up and begins to speak to her.

God’s words are both specific to Samson’s mother and a source of encouragement to all mothers. It is in what God speaks to her that she gains peace and certainty in God to raise a child that up to that point she was certain she could not have. Can you imagine the peace she receives in getting answers to questions for a situation that was not even physically possible at that point. There are three distinct take away points from God’s visit to this faith filled mother to be.

1. God knows her present situation. “Behold, you are barren and have not borne children…”.
2. God knows her future “But you shall conceive and bear a son.”
3. God can speak in specifics. Do not drink strong drink or wine, eat nothing unclean, no razor on his head, your son will be a Nazarite and deliver Israel from their enemy.

It is remarkable to see this unnamed woman receive the wisdom of God for her situation as she hears from Him. It is through relationship with God that mom’s gain wisdom from God to give clarity to where they are, where they are going and what to do when they get there. Although God may not always give step by step instructions, He always gives us what we need for the task at hand.

This week as we celebrate Mother’s everywhere, in whatever challenges there may be to parenting, marriage or just life, I encourage mom’s to find some “alone time” with God, and ask Him where am I, where am I going, and how will I get there?


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