When Faith Wavers in Your Marriage

When Faith Wavers in Your Marriage

Man and Woman on RocksWhen he was about to enter Egypt, he said to Sarai his wife. “I know that you are a woman beautiful in appearance, and when the Egyptians see you, they will say, “This is his wife.” Then they will kill me, but they will let you live. Genesis 12:11-12

I came across this passage this morning and although I have read it many times before, today, it said more to me this time than it has in the past. I have always thought of it in the context of the lack of faith that Abram (Abraham) displayed toward God. It is a lack of faith in stark contrast to the great degree of faith he tapped into just a few verses earlier in the same chapter. when he obeyed God and left his hometown before God even had told him where he was to go.

Those are facts that remain, and can be a great source of insight about how we exercise faith in the moment rather than rest on the faith moves of our past. However, something different came to my attention today:

  1. Abram’s lack of faith was born out of insecurity. The beginning of Abram’s faith issue is that he looks at how beautiful his wife is and calculates how to protect himself. It is logical, and we too are logical. When facing a perceivable dangerous situation we do what Abram did. We figure out a course of action. The problem is, in the first verses of the chapter, God instructs Abram to leave his home land and step out to an unspecified country. In concert with Abram’s move of faith God lays out what He will do for Abraham: I will make of you a great nation (12:2); I will bless you and make your name great (12:2); so that you will be a blessing (12:2); I will bless those who bless you (12:3);  and him who dishonors you I will curse (12:3); in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed (12:3). God’s protection was all over Abram’s life, yet rather than trust God’s promise, he devised a plan of his own, based only on the security he could provide himself. And that, is where we and Abram take our marriage and our lives off track. It is in what his eyes sees and his mind calculates that he loses sight of what God has promised…
  2. Abram’s lack of faith shows his self-centeredness. Our faith is all about our view, our relationship with God – for ourselves. Initially it was how Abram saw God that gave him the ability to leave the comforts of his homeland in the opening verses of Genesis 12. In spite of his past faith position the tension of what he sees and expects now impairs his vision of what God could do. Where Abram once saw God’s plan and promises for his life, he now sees himself.  In his view of self he loses sight of his God and his wife. Look at what Abram told his wife in v. 13, “Say you are my sister, that it may go well with me because of you…”. How self-centered is that…
  3. Abram’s lack of faith leads him to encourage his wife to lie. What happens when our life’s “scenario” averts our eyes from God’s promise and onto ourselves? Well, Abram’s example is that his view of himself, led him to ask his wife to lie, by saying she was his sister instead of his wife. By doing so, he compromised her to protect him. This is not a gender thing – husbands or wives can be on either side of this story.  The point is that, a spouse’s actions affect his or her spouse. Our faith walk and perspective of God in our own lives impacts how we interact with our spouse. It can account for how we can find ourselves holding back in key areas of our marriage. Or possibly explain the walls of self-protection that have been built in our marriage against what we expect to happen next in our lives. When we are out of alignment with God, we will find it hard to be in alignment and do right by our spouse…
  4. Abram’s lack of faith led to Sarai being taken as another man’s wife. So the culmination of Abram’s action or I guess we can say lack of action, is that his wife is given to Pharaoh – as his wife. Now, that is a major statement. “As his wife” is clearly talking about a sexual consummation of the interaction between Pharaoh and Sarai. In a word we have to call that complicated. No, the Bible does not mention that they had to go to marriage counseling or that there was residual marital issues coming out of this scene. Maybe it is information that we did not need to know to advance our faith, or perhaps it just did not happen. But, is it plausible that the result of Abram losing sight of God and thus his wife and asking her to lie, which led to her being taken into a relationship with Pharaoh led to a complicated relationship between Abram and Sarai. Whatever the effect in their relationship, we know in our own marriage’s how things can be complicated. For us – our communication breaks down, our intimacy is restricted, our suspicions rise up and complicate our relationship. The root of it all is faith.

Just an observation and a reminder. Our faith walk with the Lord impacts our spouse. When we waver in our faith we are sure to waver in our marriage.

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