Weekly Devotions: Serving Jesus Through Your Marriage

Weekly Devotions: Serving Jesus Through Your Marriage

Note: This is week 41, so we are sharing an excerpt from my devotional,  Husbands, Wives, God Weekly Devotions.

Week 41

Chuza and Joanna: Contribution

Luke 8:3 …and Joanna the wife of Chuza… and many others who were contributing to their support out of their private means.

Chuza, the steward of Herod’s finances, and his wife Joanna are only mentioned in passing in this one verse. Really, Joanna is just kind of mixed in amid a list of faithful women traveling with Jesus in the first few verses of Luke 8. They were women who had been healed by Jesus and now were “contributing to their support out of their private means.” Of the women listed, Joanna is the only one who is married, or at least the only one whose husband is named.

Chuza’s position as steward could be likened to that of our modern day Federal Reserve Chairman. It is a role that would have afforded him great wealth and access to those of status and influence. Yet, this is not the story recoded about this couple. Rather, Chuza and Joanna are not highlighted and recorded in the Bible because of the influence of their wealth but for the manner in which they served Jesus together.

The significant message that this couple conveys to our present day marriages is that, above wealth and accumulation of things, is a marriage of commitment to God by giving to the gospel out of their private means. It is likely that they received their wealth from his occupation, but they chose to use what they had acquired to benefit the greater community and society around them. In what tangible or intangible ways does the commitment that you and your spouse display to God benefit your community, society, and those around you?

Meditations for the Week:

  • How does your marriage contribute, either tangibly or intangibly, to those it comes in contact with?
  • What personal sacrifice do you make, as a couple, to spread the gospel?
  • In addition to giving money, what is one project you and your spouse can take on to advance your community?

Prayer for Our Marriage:

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