Weekly Devotions: Just Following Orders

Weekly Devotions: Just Following Orders

Note: Excerpt from, Husbands, Wives, God Weekly Devotions: 52 Weeks of Enriching Devotions

Week 42

Isaac and Rebekah: Just Following Orders

Read Genesis 26

Genesis 26:3 Sojourn in this land and I will be with you and bless you.

When someone in the military says they are waiting on orders, it means they are waiting to receive the official document that outlines what their next assignment will be. Their orders often provide very specific information about the when, where, how, and duration of their assignment. However, not all of the information shared in the orders is relative to, nor understood by, the service person receiving them. Some portions of the orders are written with technical jargon and include information intended for a specific administrative or support area, such as Human Resources or the Finance Department.

In much the same way, we as Christians receive orders, too. Our orders do not explain our deployment to a war or military tour of duty. Rather, they are orders from God that specifically instruct the next steps of our life and marriage. Much like what is experienced by our military personnel, not all that is said in the orders is for us, or makes sense to us. However, there is both relevance and significance in every word and detail of the orders that God issues.

In Genesis 26:1–5, Isaac and Rebekah went to the enemy territory of the Philistines, in Gerar, during a famine. Here in the land of the enemy, the Lord instructed Isaac (and subsequently Rebekah) not to go down to the plentiful land of Egypt, but to stay in the famine in enemy territory. God’s instruction included the assurance that even in enemy territory, in Gerar, God would be with Isaac, bless him, and give the land to his descendants—all as had been promised to Isaac’s father, Abraham.

In your marriage, listen for God’s orders, the details of which can be hard to make sense of. At times, as He did with Isaac and Rebekah, God may require our marriage to dwell in some unfathomable, uncomfortable or illogical places. But as we follow God’s orders, He will provide for our every need, even as our marriage dwells in apparent enemy territory during times of famine.

Meditations for the Week:

  • Read and meditate individually on Psalm 91, then discuss it together.
  • Read and meditate individually on Psalm 119:1–8, then discuss it together.
  • Read and meditate individually on John 15:1–11, then discuss it together.

Prayer for Our Marriage:

Lord, teach us to hear, know, and follow your orders and direction for this marriage—consistently.

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