Weeds in Your Marriage

Weeds in Your Marriage

photoDo you know what you are looking at?

You are looking at a beautiful bright red hibiscus, a big bush with bright yellow flowers, there are a few daisies in the picture too. At least those are all the things that were in there a few short weeks ago. See, early this spring I went to the local gardening store, got some flowers, a couple of packs of seeds and went to work in my backyard garden. I must admit I was pretty proud of my little backyard oasis. Then, my schedule got loaded up, I got pulled in different directions and it seems like overnight the weeds started to grow. I noticed the weeds right away, but I just didn’t have the time that day. So I planned to wait until the weekend.

Then we got a few days worth of rain. The next time I looked out the window, the weeds were advancing faster than my  plants. Now, the time it would take to pull the weeds would eat up the better part of a day, and who has time for that?

It is really amazing how fast the weeds grow. A little distraction, a little busyness and the weeds are growing. The time spent on the front end was fruitful, but in the blink of an eye the beauty of the fruitful labor is covered up. It is the same with our marriage…

Are their weed seeds in your marriage. Just waiting for a little distraction to water them and allow them to over take your marriage? We don’t have to be on edge that our marriage is going to fall apart – if all is well. But check your schedule, make sure you have made time on your calendar to check for weeds. Being busy is a part of life, just make sure their is time to pre-weed your marriage of unwanted distractions.

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