Slow down and enjoy the view

Slow down and enjoy the view

fork in the roadHave you ever felt as if you are going a mile a minute and no matter what happens you can’t seem to slow down? Even when you hit the sheets and is drifting off to sleep your mind is still busy from what happened during the day as well as what you anticipate for the days ahead. Have you had to remind yourself that you are only one person and you can do only so much and no more. Seriously, do you give yourself that pep talk? I sure do not but I wish someone would tell me to slow down. I sometimes I think I am the only person who goes as fast as I do but then reality strikes and I either get sick or overwhelmed and that is when I ask my hubby  for help. That should not be the case because in all that time of multitasking and trying to be superwoman at everything, I am missing the mark. He has a plan for everything I do on a daily basis but if I am doing my own thing how can He get me to do what He wants?
Sometimes it takes an illness, job loss, accident, or whatever other life-altering situation in order for us to slow down, even if for just a moment. How many of us actually slow down so that we can hear Christ speak to us. I want to be busy doing God’s work, not my own because I will end up being miserable at doing my own thing but I know that His work is fruitful and it leads you on a different path that only He knows and understands.
Sometimes the view is all that matters and it can take us from a level of unbelief to belief. Have you ever seen a beautiful picture and you just keep staring at it because it is so beautiful to look at? It is as if you are mesmerized. Think of your life in that mannerbecause it is really what you make of it and sometimes it seems much harder than it actually is but I dare say it is how you view it that determines its beauty because we can both look at the same glass and see that some of the water is missing but you may see a half empty glass and I see it as being half full. In essence,  life is what you make it to be. The next time you are in your car, slow down and remember to enjoy the scenery because you could be missing out on something wonderful, more wonderful than you could ever imagine!

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