Samson and His Philistine Wife: Why We Got Married?

Samson and His Philistine Wife: Why We Got Married?

Week 10

Stocking firewoodSamson and His Philistine Wife: Why We Got Married?

Judges 14:15 Then it came about on the fourth day that they said to Samson’s wife, “Entice your husband so that he will tell us the riddle, or we will burn you and your father’s house with fire. Have you invited us to impoverish us? Is this not so?”

The crazy thing about marriage is that there are times when she really just “gets me.” We talk, she listens, we laugh, we connect, and all is good. Yet there are times when we really are from different planets. Nothing clicks, false assumptions abound, and miscommunication is the only communication. It is in these marriage flip-flops that couples can ask, “Why did we ever get married?” Have you ever felt that way?

The marriage of Samson and his wife from Timnah is one in which you can sense the same question arising. For Samson’s part, you can hear him asking, “Why did I marry this woman from a background so different from mine? We have nothing in common. Why did I get married?” For her part, you can hear her asking, “Why did I marry this man. He’s just not that into me.”

From both sides, theirs was a marriage built on external connections and convenience. He married her because “she looks good to me” (Judges 14:3). She married him out of a sense of pressure from the Philistines, to marry their enemy and expose his weaknesses.

Both Samson and his Philistine wife entered their marriage for the wrong reasons. Yet out of these two “wrong” motives for marriage, God used their marriage to heighten the tensions between Israel and their enemies, the Philistines (cf. Judges 14:4). Even though their perspectives were limited to their own purposes, God used their marriage to effect His greater purpose.

There are times in marriage when a couple may wonder, “Why did I marry him/her?” In such challenging moments, remember that the difficulties of your marriage were seen by God, even when He joined you together. Both the high mountains and low valleys of your relationship are working to effect God’s deeper purposes through your marriage.

Meditations for the Week:

  • How might God use what is both good and bad in our marriage to effect a greater purpose of which we are presently unaware?
  • How can we ensure our perspectives are godly?
  • Read and discuss each verse in the following passage: Proverbs 16:1–4. (Hint: “Commit” in v. 3 means “to roll to,” which is like rolling a boulder uphill while God pulls the boulder from the other side.)
  • What therefore God hath joined together, let no man tear apart (Matthew 19:6). What does this mean to each of you?

Prayer for Our Marriage:

Lord, guide us, and use the tough stuff of this marriage to bring greater glory to you.

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5 thoughts on “Samson and His Philistine Wife: Why We Got Married?

  1. Mikk

    Ed, I’m not sure if I have EVER asked the question…”why did I marry this woman” but if I ever do it’s nice knowing that God has already addressed this concern in the bible. I’m relatively new to reading the bible so I probably would have never put 2 and 2 together to figure that out. As such, thank you for the heads up. Good to know!

  2. Sharon Mavis

    My husband and I have been married 40 years. He is too gracious to say out loud that he wonders why he married me, but I’m sure he does. I know I have had that thought!

    Neither of us realized the brokenness of the other and that is typical of newlyweds, of course. Because of our brokenness, we did a dysfunctional dance for about 35 years and then both went through a journey of emotional healing. Wow. What a difference. I am married to a different man. My husband quips about me having a first husband and a second husband but they are both the same person.

    I don’t think I realized how much our different backgrounds would affect us, either. City/country, upper middle class/lower class struggling with poverty, stay at home mom/working mom, spoiled baby of the family/oldest kid with too much responsibility, etc.

    Why did we get married? For whatever reasons, I am so glad we did!!!!!!!

    1. Samantha

      Wow, married for 40 years! What a challenge for me and my husband. Thank God, we haven’t been in the confusing stage yet why we marry each other but I am certain we will experience hills and valleys too. But, I am glad that we both know God and in a relationship with Him so I believe through Christ, we can face all those trying times!

  3. Michelle Baptiste

    For me, being in an unequally yoke marriage for 30 years has been challenging,I realize that God has used and is using what is both good and bad in my marriage to effect a greater purpose of which I think my husband is presently unaware. I am aware that God gives me peace from all troubles that are in my marriage. God tells me to only trust Him. Be calm, regardless of what I encounter.I know that Gods’ spirit works with calm trust. God has allowed me as a wife to rest in Him and cultivate patience. I am learning to never allow myself to believe that anything that I experience in my marriage is overwhelming. You cannot be overwhelmed when God is with you. Gods’ Holy Spirit has taught me not to allow my life and marriage to become a strain. There is no strain when you walk with God. God is the Master Instrument Maker who has fashioned each part. God knows just what we can bear. I think the strain only comes when we are too distant to hear Gods’ instruction or when we try to carry the burden of more than one day. As a married women of God, I think we all need to ponder the truths that God gives us. They are not surface facts, but the keys to Gods’ kingdom, pearls of a great price. Meditating upon the words of God is important. We should store them in our heart and mind. God loves us all beyond measure. Regardless of what issues a marriage relationship may bring, your greatest joy will come as a result of faithful trust and acceptance of Gods’ will, even when it seems not to be a joyous experience in marriage.

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