Remaining Positive, Despite the Odds

Remaining Positive, Despite the Odds

Couple Jumping in WaterIt is hard being positive in a not-so-positive environment at times. What has helped me in the not-so-positive times of my life is knowing that “I am in this world but not of it”. As Isaiah 54:10 (NIV) states, ““Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you.” I use certain tips/guidelines and by sharing them I hope you will be able to use as is or tweak to your liking.

  • Remain positive especially when you are unaware of the outcome. I know this one is hard but whenever I find myself second-guessing or doubting decisions I make I have to feed into my positive vibe because it would make me go crazy.
  • Forgive and extend grace at all costs. More importantly as Dr. David Anderson says, “FORGRACE” others. The Lord extends forgiveness and grace to us and it is up to us to extend it to others the same way He does to us. Look at it this way, if He treated us the way we treat others we would not be who we are.
  • Make the necessary changes. When all else fails change your friends, environment, and in some cases, limit the amount of time you spend around family (the worse because you can change your friends but such is not the case with family). I am sure we all have at least one person in our family that we want to change only if we could (smile).
  • We are all human. At some point or another we have to realize what works for us and what doesn’t. As we encounter the positives along with the negatives we can only pray and remain steadfast that God will place others in our lives to guide and direct us even if for a season.
  • God knows best. Trust and believe that God knows what He is doing even though we are oblivious to this fact. He will not lead us somewhere if He is not going to be there to rescue us, rather, take us out of harms way. Trust me, He is in charge on a daily basis and all we have to do is call on Him.
  • Give yourself time to process it all. It may come as a shocker but we need time to process the things that we experience on a daily basis. Finding the time to take care of you and only you is important and we need to give ourselves the time to unwind in order to recharge so that we can conquer whatever comes our way.

Let me know what your thoughts are!


Diane A. Green is an awesome wife to a wonderful husband, the mother of two beautiful girls, a Human Capital professional and an aspiring author. Godiou Green  


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