Monday Marriage Devotional: Go For a Walk

Monday Marriage Devotional: Go For a Walk

Man and Woman on RocksWhen most couples are asked about the spiritual walk or quality of their relationship with God two thoughts most likely come to mind. First, that it could be a little better than it is. Second, tends to be thoughts about how often they attend church.

The first of those thoughts…well, we all always could do a little better or be a little closer to God. We just never get to the point where we have it all together when it comes to our relationship with God.

When it comes to how often we attend church, well…church attendance is something that is really a strength of our relationship with Christ. Church is where we share our common struggles with other like minded believers of Christ. However, our church attendance alone is not all there is to our relationship with Christ. There are plenty of people that are in the church, but at the same time the “church” is not in them. In other words it is no more than an activity or to-do list item. However, beyond just attendance, God wants our hearts, engaged in an intimate relationship with Him.

While church is a good re-fueling station and launching pad for a deeper relationship with Christ, there are other things a couple can do to connect spiritually to God. So throughout the week I will share a few of them and today I want to start with my favorite one.

Go for a Walk.

I have found one of the easiest, most “non-invasive” ways to usher God into your marriage is to get up and out and go for a walk together. Grab your spouse’s hand, and walk around your neighborhood, the local park, or wherever. There is no pressure to talk or pray a prayer that makes the angels in heaven quake – just walk and observe God’s work in nature and creation – all around you.

Observe, a uniquely shaped tree, an unusual undulation in the landscape, a bee pollenating a flower, the heat of the sun or the fullness of the moon, just observe the depth and power of God’s work. Perhaps in time your quiet observant hand in hand walk just might lead to a fresh perspective of God or that deep conversation you have been longing for with your spouse. Often our relationship with God is just that simple – just walk.

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