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Elevate Your Marriage

7 Practices of Highly Intimate Couples              

Baltimore, MD – Is your marriage stuck in a rut? Do you feel distant from your spouse but don’t know how to get reconnected—or connected in the first place? In his new book, Elevate Your Marriage: 7 Practices of Highly Intimate Couples (Leisure & Stephens Publishing, May 1, 2013), pastor, speaker, blogger, and author Edward Lee challenges couples to remove those things that keep them from connecting and encourages them to build intimacy through focusing on seven key practices in their marriage.

Lee, who has spent hundreds of hours ministering to couples starting their marriage journey, believes that many married couples start out with deep dreams and high hopes, but over time,
emotional distance, loneliness, and hardened emotions creep into their relationship
and push them apart. Then, with good intentions, the couple often tries to force

intimacy to reconnect, relying on their own strength and wisdom, but find themselves falling short and the desired intimacy never comes.

“Where we lack spiritual intimacy, any idea of “other” intimacy from sexual to financial to emotional intimacy, will only be a downward spiral of learned behaviors, a program of activities or to-do items, which will consistently lack depth and sticking power,” says Lee. “However, if a couple can elevate their view of Christ in their marriage to see His work and strength, they will be able to see above the things that separate them and build true, lasting intimacy.”

Lee challenges couples to embrace seven key practices to experience
true, lasting intimacy in their marriage. These practices include: recognize
their greatest need, have intimate conversations, connect the dots
between themselves and God, choose to give, incite worship, experience
great sex by having first things FURST, and be “of the Way.” Lee draws on examples of marriages in the Bible—from well-known couples like Ananias and Sapphira to lesser-known couples like Chuza and Joanna and even Ahab and Jezebel—to illustrate each practice.

To understand true intimacy, though, according to Lee, couples need to understand the relationship between Adam and Eve, the only couple in history to experience a perfectly intimate relationship with one another and with God, before sin entered the world. While perfect intimacy is no longer possible in this life, Lee believes we can reach places of peace with God and with one another, if we move spiritually closer to God and make Him the center of our marriage relationship.

“Of all of the false needs that a couple seeks to satisfy, the one, real, true need of a healthy Christian marriage is the need for spiritual intimacy – with each other,” says Lee. “We can pray all night long, try counseling methods, and read all of the marriage books available, but until we realize the need to connect with each other through God, we will struggle to find completeness in our marriage.”

In Elevate Your Marriage, Lee shares discussion questions at the end of each chapter for husbands and wives to work through together as well as action steps to put their learning into practice.

Edward Lee is an ordained minister, Bible teacher, blogger and the author of Husbands, Wives, God and a companion devotional. He has a unique gift of sharing the truths of the Bible in practical, relatable ways that help couples regain or maintain their footing with each other through a strengthened relationship with Christ. His books and marriage resources are taught nationwide. Edward resides in Baltimore, Md., with his family.

Elevate_Your_Marriage copyElevate Your Marriage by Edward Lee
Contact: Debbie Lykins, Side Door Communications, 847-458-1091, deb@sidedoorcom.net

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Elevate Your Marriage

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Edward C. Lee__________________________________________ author bio Meet Edward Lee

Rev. Edward C. Lee, Jr. has developed a love for teaching and sharing God’s Word in easy to understand, relatable ways, with a special heart for helping couples regain or maintain their footing with each through a strengthened relationship with Christ.

Edward travels the country presenting his Husbands, Wives, God conferences at churches and other venues, and ministers worldwide through his Christian marriage blog, www.elevateyourmarriage.com, which encourages couples to elevate their relationship with Christ to develop intimacy in their marriage.

He has authored three books including Husbands, Wives, God: Introducing the Marriages of the Bible to Your Marriage, the first Christian marriage book to be based solely on the marriages of the Bible, as well as a 52-week companion devotional studying 45 biblical marriages. He is also the author of the new book, Elevate Your Marriage: 7 Practices of Highly Intimate Marriages.

Edward serves as the assistant to the pastor and director of Christian education at New Antioch Baptist Church of Randallstown as well as an adjunct professor at the EQUIP Institute of Washington Bible College. He is also a weekly contributor on issues of faith and fatherhood for one of the largest daily marriage and family blogs, BlackandMarriedWithKids.com. In addition, he serves as a senior fellow with LEAPforGhana.org, empowering and sharing the gift of literacy throughout Ghana and around the world.

Above all, he considers his proudest accomplishment, apart from salvation, to be his first ministry to his family, his beautiful wife Kimber and their extremely active 5-year-old son, Connor.


Elevate Your Marriage by Edward Lee
Contact: Debbie Lykins, Side Door Communications, 847-458-1091, deb@sidedoorcom.net

___________________suggested questions 21 Suggested Questions for Edward Lee

  1. Edward, what do you see as one of the core problems that couples face in their marriage?
  2. Intimacy, as you point out, can mean different things to different people. How do you define intimacy?
  3. How can the first couple—Adam and Eve—help us understand why marriages struggle to be intimately connected?
  4. What is it that often is the cause of a couple becoming unconnected in marriage?
  5. What is “fig leaf” intimacy?You write that the husband or wife that you have, is God’s solution to your need. Can you
  6. explain what you mean by this?
  7. How are the marriages in the Bible relevant for marriages today?
  8. How did Zipporah complete Moses and why was their marriage so essential?
  9. What are the real needs of marriage?
  10. It’s perhaps no surprise that a highly intimate marriage requires intimate communication.How does a couple begin to build this who may struggle in this area?
  11. Why is praying together as a couple so important?
  12. Why do you think so many Christian couples do not regularly pray together?
  13. How do we connect the dots of our vision and plans with God on a regular basis?
  14. You advocate creating a marriage vision statement but warn that it must focus on thebigger picture God has for the marriage. What does this look like on a practical level and

    how does it differ from a mission statement?

  15. What are some examples of other dots that we need to connect?
  16. Why is it important to have goals for your marriage?
  17. How can financial intimacy in a marriage build spiritual intimacy?
  18. What are the four connections of financial intimacy?
  19. One of the seven practices you write about is worship. How does focusing our worship on God build intimacy with our spouse? 
  20. You say that sexual intimacy is built in marriage by putting God FURST—spelled F-U-R-S-T. What does each of these stand for?
  21. What does it mean to be “of the Way” of Christ? What does that look like on a practical level?

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