LEAP for Ghana: Literacy, Empowerment & Action Project

LEAP for Ghana: Literacy, Empowerment & Action Project

I have always been moved by the words of Acts 20:35, In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Any chance that we are given to help others, ultimately not only will possibly bless them, but it blesses us as well…This fall I (Edward) and the Elevate Your Marriage Blog will be joining a remarkably talented group of writers and activists as we travel to Ghana, West Africa to share books, computers, education, and lots of “love” with families and children as we take a LEAP for Ghana (Literacy, Empowerment & Action Project).

This God sized opportunity and project is the vision of acclaimed poet and author, Kwame Alexander. In March of 2012, Kwame accompanied Entrepreneur and Global Activist, Juanita ‘Busy Bee’ Britton, on her trip to Ghana, West Africa, where she was installed as Queen Mother Nana Botwe Adobea II of Konko Village.

During his trip, Kwame learned from the children and their families as well as observed directly some of the challenges they face daily—old and dilapidated classrooms, unclean water, limited school supplies (books, pencils, etc.). Kwame thought if the children could overcome these challenges, their educational opportunities would expand immensely. At the charge of the Queen Mother, Kwame left committed to developing an ambitious, multi-phase education agenda for Timber Junction, Konko, a village of 300 citizens, 200 of which are children. In this village there has not been a child to receive a high school education in the last 10 years.

So this September, LEAP for Ghana will launch a multi-phase plan for educational sustainability. This group of writers, activists, and professionals will focus on:

Literacy. Encouraging the minds and hearts of the children and adults in Konko village through books and poetry. Sharing empowering messages of family, hope, dreams and the creative power of literacy.

Leadership training. Facilitating a Girl’s Empowerment mini-conference at the official Miss Ghana pageant, in the Capital city of Accra. We are also working toward sharing some marriage and family components to our trip.

Infrastructure work. We will join forces with the leaders of Konko to begin the implementation of a series of initiatives over the next two years designed to jumpstart growth and multiply the resources of the village. Installing lights in classrooms, putting shutters on windows, and providing books may seem like small things, but they are major necessities for these beautiful and ambitious young children and their families.

As we prepare mentally, physically and spiritually to go, my heart and mind bounces between the work we go to do and the yet unseen work God will give to us to do in our local communities when we return. So…

1. Pray with us.
2. Consider supporting LEAP for Ghana.
3. Stay tuned for what happens next.

Here is the link to find out more about the LEAP for Ghana trip and efforts.

Meet the LEAP for Ghana Team:
Kwame Alexander, Author, Founder of “Book-In-A-Day” Literacy Non-profit

Renee Daniel Flagler, Award-winning Freelance Journalist, Marketing Professional, Author, Creative Writing Instructor

Angel Wood, Author and Entertainment Professional

Maya Morris, Literacy Professional, Elementary Teacher, Yoga Instructor

Edward C. Lee, Author, Minister, Christian Marriage Blogger & Educator

Tracy Chiles McGhee, Esq., Writer, Founder and Executive Director, WOMA,

Charisse Carney-Nunes, Children’s Book Author and Publisher

Lindsay A. Young, Esq., Deputy Director, WOMA

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3 thoughts on “LEAP for Ghana: Literacy, Empowerment & Action Project

  1. LaWanda

    Kudos to you. We are called to be “church without walls” and it is expected to take the Word everywhere (Great Commission). I applaud your mission and await a progress report! Bless you brother and thank you for this minstry that richly blesses my marriage (because I forward many of your articles to my hubby and we do weekly devotions from your book he reads too).

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