Is Your Marriage “The Special”?

Is Your Marriage “The Special”?

Unknown-1Yesterday I had a chance to take my son and my neighbor’s son to check out the LEGO Movie. Finally, a movie that the critics got right. This really is a pretty good kid’s movie, with a great message. Much better than I thought a movie with plastic LEGO characters could be.

I won’t ruin the movie for those parents that have not taken their kids to see this movie yet. But, the idea of the movie is an ordinary LEGO piece is thought to be “The Special”. The one prophesied about. The one that would be the greatest, most admired, most envied, coolest LEGO piece ever.

The only problem with the special is that he is not special at all. He doesn’t think he is that special, and as they get to know him neither do any of the other LEGO characters. He can’t do anything that the special would be expected to do. He is not a master LEGO builder, that can create cool things. He doesn’t do anything at all out of the ordinary. Instead, the main character Emmett, just wanted to follow the directions – and that lack of creativity made him not so special. At one point, he was told that he has never even had an original thought in his life. His whole life was comfortably in the box.

Eventually, he realizes that although he can not meet everyone else’s expectations of what is special, he does have his own points of “Special”. His lego creations are weird, different and thought to be useless. He does not make things that fit are typical but his LEGO creations show the uniqueness of Emmett’s perspective and eventually he becomes proud of his own work.

Isn’t that just like marriage? There are so many designs of what a marriage should look like. There are no shortage of instruction manuals. But to really create a marriage that works best for us, we have to forget the prescribed design and enjoy the uniqueness of what your own marriage can be. Your marriage may not fit into everyone else’s ideas of special. But with all the quirkiness of your marriage and your spouse, it is a gift from God. And that is what makes it “The Special”. Embrace your marriage with the specialness it deserves.

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