How Can I Pray For You?

How Can I Pray For You?

When is the last time you asked your spouse the question, “How can I pray for you?”?

Asking when are you going to fix the toilet or what is for dinner, too many times, will certainly annoy your husband or wife. But, asking, how can I pray for you never gets old and only has positive results.

  1. Intimacy. It brings the two of you on the same side and spiritually connected. It can remove “schisms” and bring you closer together.
  2. It says we are on the same team. There is no other relationship, like your marriage where another person that is committed, totally, to walking with you through life’s challenges. Isn’t that why we signed up to spend the rest of our life with them, because we wanted to go through life with them? Well, nothing says I am still here and willing like, How can I pray for you.
  3. Decrease arguments. It is hard to fight with someone that is humbling praying for you.
  4. Closer to God. Above all other benefits, the most significant one is that when we pray for our spouse it brings and keeps God in the center of our marriage. We pray to line up with God’s direction and will for our lives. So when we pray for our spouse’s peace in the middle of a stressful job situation or for their safety when they are driving late at night, we keep our marriage, collectively, humbled before God.
  5. Learn Your Spouse. When you ask what you can pray for, your spouse might just tell you something that you may not have known was a concern of theirs. Hey, you may even learn how something about you in their prayer request. Ouch. The point is that we gain an opportunity to learn what is really going on with him or herm, when we ask how to pray for them.

It is not even important whether they think to reciprocate the question. The important thing is that you have extended your heart and time to pray for them. So call, text, poke, email your spouse right now and ask them, “How can I pray for you?”.


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4 thoughts on “How Can I Pray For You?

  1. Diane

    It is good to be on the same page with you spouse.
    Knowing his or her wants, needs and desires certainly takes you to a different plateau in life. Openly discussing goals and objectives, both short and long term will make a difference in any relationship. Great article!

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