Elevate Your Marriage Conferences & Seminars, will bless your marriage! These one of a kind marriage events are built on the uniqueness of the marriages of the Bible. This conference is not a stodgy boring lecture of re-heated ideas, rather it is a time of laughter, learning and growing that will ELEVATE your relationship through principles you can easily implement and actually use.

Whether you’re engaged to be married soon – or have been married 40 years – don’t settle for a boring, mundane relationship – ELEVATE the quality of your marriage through implementable biblical principles.

Bring EYM Conference to your Church, or Group

How Do I Bring A Conference to My Area?
Elevate the marriages of couples in your area by hosting an Elevate Your Marriage Event:

Churches: Bring Edward to your Marriage Ministry or Congregation for anywhere from a 1-2 hour seminar to a full-day conference. With more than 40 marriages to choose from, all seminars/conferences can be customized to meet the needs of your church. Included topics: Communication, Intimacy, Trust, Role Responsibilities, Faith, etc…

Bookstores: Host an in-store seminar to share the wisdom of the marriages of the Bible with the couples in your area. Edward will share marriages of the Bible to customers and couples in your area through a 1-2 hour seminar and book signing.

Individual Couples: Reach other couples and friends by hosting Edward in your home, company or organization.

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