Holy Spirit…Thank You for the Revelation (part 1)

Holy Spirit…Thank You for the Revelation (part 1)

man in worshipA friend of mine sent me a lengthy email today letting me know how much she has been growing in her faith and how the Lord has given her the strength to extend grace to people that have offended her in the past. I thought this was so noble of her because we all need to extend grace to others regardless of the circumstances we are faced with. God knows, we are so undeserving of His grace but He extends it anyway. What an awesome Father we have. As He gives it to us, we ought to extend it to others because it is not ours to keep. Look at it as ‘passing it on’ so to speak. If we call ourselves Christians, why is it so hard for us to say nice, rather, genuine words to others especially those that have hurt us. Is it that we are so unforgiving that we cannot see where God has brought us from, compared to where we are now, and ultimately where He wants to take us?

I am happy to say that I am growing in my faith, maybe I am taking baby steps compared to others, but I am growing nonetheless. I compare myself to others at times…I know I shouldn’t, but I do…but the fact of the matter is that He is moving in me and believe it or not, I am more aware of the Holy Spirit working in ways that I could only imagine. At our bi-weekly marriage support group session at our church we had to read a chapter in the book, Growing Together In Christ by David Sunde through the Homebuilders Couples Series, the chapter was Growing Together Through The Holy Spirit. I knew the Holy Spirit existed because it is a part of the Trinity but I never really gave it much thought until I read the chapter. It was such an eye opener for me, no kidding. It is just as if your parents are telling you over and over and over again how important Christ is and you do not get it until maybe a pastor, friend, or some other random person that is placed in your life says it, then you are like…oh, that’s what my parents were talking about. Does that sound familiar? You cannot know for yourself until you accept Him and by accepting Him you are accepting the Father (God), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit). I was just so blown away by it because I talk about God and Christ all the time but the Holy Spirit didn’t click with me, sadly enough. I do know, the Holy Spirit has always been with me, you think…I am just in awe as to the work that is going on in terms of my growth even without me knowing what is taking place in my life.

The way I understand it is even though it is Three-in-One (The Trinity), they are all on the same level. The Holy Spirit is in us when we accept God as our personal Savior, we know that Jesus Christ came from God to earth in order to save us from our sins by dying on the cross and He could only do that because His Father, Our Father (God) sent Him. In the human form, we take our issues to the Holy Spirit Who then take it to Jesus, Who then takes it to God. In other words, my understanding is that we cannot bypass the channels to get to God; we have to go though the Holy Spirit, then to Jesus, then to God. I hope I ma not confusing anyone with my new-found revelation but although there is a hierarchy here, and they take on different forms, they are intertwined as one. In essence they are, Three-in-One and One-in-Three if that makes more sense to you.

Make today a Holy Spirit-in-me day!

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