Happy Mother’s Day: Reflections of Mom

Happy Mother’s Day: Reflections of Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Mother’s today. Whether you are a biological, emotional or spiritual Mother – God Bless You and We Thank God for you, today.

A Mother’s worth can never be underestimated or overstated. Here I am in my forties and still learning from my mom. I had to thank my mom yesterday for encouraging me to do something I did not want to do, initially. But with a little prodding from mom, I did it, and now I am thankful that I did. That is the wisdom of a mom, they tend to see around corners that we can’t. I never quite got it when I was a kid that in all we did together, she was teaching…

Spring Memories

Mom would be in the garden, pulling weeds, planting and singing. Weeding is silly, you pull weeds and they come back the next week. I would prefer to just wait until there is a whole lot of them and pull all of the weeds at once. But my mom would always teach me to keep your garden free of weeds. Once you let them start to grow, they seem to take over and it is always harder to get rid of them, once there roots take hold in the soil. Somewhere was a lesson about relationships and nipping things in the bud – I got it.

Summer Memories

My strongest reflections of my mom come from my childhood. In addition to the fact that when I was growing everybody said, I looked like my mom, my and I have always been close – spiritually. Early on summer mornings, she would get her Bible and sit out on the back porch reading and praying. It seemed like I would be the only one that could get up early enough to catch her in her quiet moments with God. Those moments, sometime watching, sometime asking questions but all the time learning from my mom, became so valuable as I began to develop my own relationship with God.

Fall Memories

It did not have to be that cold – my mom loved to have the fireplace burning. Which meant I had to split and bring logs to the front door so she could just reach out the front door and get the wood – without actually coming outside. It was always unfair that I would have to spend my time splitting wood and hauling wood so she would not have to come outside. But…this was mom’s way of teaching me to honor, respect and protect women. You have to ask my wife if I ever got the lesson.

Winter Memories

My parents house was always cold. My dad would program the heat to go off at 11 at night while we slept and come back on at 6am. So by morning it would feel like you had slept outside all night. But my mom would come in to my room, pull off all of the covers and sing, loudly & quite off key, “Rise, shine, give God the glory…”. I never heard that song anywhere else except from my mom, early on those cold North Eastern mornings. No, I did not think it cute at the time. Yet as I have gotten older, it is part of my understanding of how my mom would try to pour positivity and joy into us.

The more I think about my mom, the clearer her hand in molding me come into focus. How about you, what reflections do you have of you mother, and how did she shape you into what you are today?



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One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day: Reflections of Mom

  1. lawanda

    This is absolutely beautiful. I lost my mother almost 9 years ago but I think of her daily. Truly she shaped me into the woman that I am now. I ponder on the lessons learned from her, often returning to tell her she was right. Grateful for her wisdom and insight as well as her shortcomings. Nothing could soothe me more than a hug from my mother or just to hear her voice. I could only hope to be half the mother she was to me if I ever become a mother. I thank God for her.

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