Happy Father’s Day Week: 41 Life Shaping Lessons from My Father

Happy Father’s Day Week: 41 Life Shaping Lessons from My Father

Father’s get hit pretty hard for the things they don’t do, or for just not being around at all. But this week we celebrate the father’s that are giving the best of what they have to their family and children. I thank God constantly for the father that He gave me and the role he has played in my life.

Above the relationship you had or have within your own father, let’s encourage Christian father’s today by reflecting on the things they say or do that shapes our lives. So here are a few of the things my own father taught me. Feel free to add your own lessons and memories from your own dad.


  1. When one cow is on another cows back, they are making a baby cow. That was our sex talk, as we drove through the rural Pennsylvania farm lands.
  2. How to read a map.
  3. Your name and is your business card.
  4. How to read highway signs. If the exit numbers are on the top left side of the side the exit will be on the left. Interstate exit numbers usually mile markers too.
  5. How to read mile markers on the highway.
  6. How to change a flat tire while wearing a business suit – and not get dirty. This was a high priority for dad.
  7. Always remember where you parked your car – that’s your job.
  8. Always keep your car & house keys with you. Never give them to your wife or girlfriend. You are responsible for the family.
  9. Money is strength, don’t just give away your strength.
  10. Balance your checkbook. This one is still a work in progress.
  11. Sacrifice for your family, every time.
  12. Pursue every opportunity to learn more.
  13. Respect your mother. a.k.a. “I’ll be home in an hour”.
  14. Protect your siblings.
  15. Honor your word.
  16. Dress like you are going somewhere in life.
  17. Speak clearly.
  18. Your appearance matters.
  19. If you don’t like doing something, do it right and get it over with. 9th grade math.
  20. Math is everywhere.
  21. If you are not the smartest be the nicest.
  22. Sacrifice. Education is important unless your son’s basketball team needs a coach.
  23. Help everyone that you can, as often as you can.
  24. Overcome fears by taking them head on.
  25. Count your own change.
  26. Stand your ground in prayer.
  27. Set aside your money for God as soon as you get paid.
  28. Save at least 10% of your paycheck.
  29. If you cut corners it will show in the final product.
  30. Math is easy.
  31. There is nothing wrong with being who you are.
  32. This is how you carve a Thanksgiving turkey.
  33. Don’t disrespect a woman or you will have to deal with me.
  34. Always keep “Amazing Grace” and “It is Well” singing in your spirit.
  35. “You have to fight him” or this will go in forever.
  36. Saying I’m sorry does not make you soft.
  37. Read the newspaper, sometime.
  38. Family means sticking together.
  39. If you are too tired to go to church, you need to stay in bed all day.
  40. Loving Christ is the key to becoming a great man.
  41. “I’ve done my best, it’s up to you now”.

I am still processing and trying to figure out much of what my father was saying when I was growing up, but I thank God for the lessons he taught that I did figure out. We may never know why they did all that they did but thank God for strong Fathers!

How about you, what lessons from your Father helped to shape who you are today?

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8 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day Week: 41 Life Shaping Lessons from My Father

  1. Karla

    you will appreciate something and take better care of it if you buy it yourself. what my dad said when I thought he would buy me a new car.

  2. Shareef

    #7 and #20 really stick out. Unfortunately I still forget where the car is parked (along with my keys), but math really is everywhere. When I tutor kids I always try to use examples that they’ll be familiar with.

  3. lawanda

    “Some money you don’t want”
    “Take a piece of paper and make three columns: What you got to have, What you need and What you want”
    “Never leave your drink unattended or someone may slip a mickey in it”

    All from my daddy, I sure do miss him.

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