Friday Prayer: Strength to Do Better

Friday Prayer: Strength to Do Better

Lord, we thank you for breath and strength to be here at the start of another year. We know that much will happen this year that we don’t see now. Whatever comes next in our lives, we pray for the strength to keep you first.

We ask for wisdom and strength to be better husbands and wives to our spouse. That you would show us how we can be more loving and supportive to each other. Please, guide our tongues that our responses will be filled with your love. So that, our words will build up our husband or wife, and not tear them down. Regardless of how we are treated or spoken to, we pray to honor and respect you – with the words of our tongue.

Where long years of negative, hurtful situations have marked out feelings of resentment or bitterness, we pray for your love to break down those walls of division. As we spend more time in your word, develop in our minds thoughts that are positive and not destructive toward our spouse. Lord, you know us better than we know us, and we ask that you would just show us how to love “better”.

We pray for your help to be better mom’s and dad’s to our children. It is so challenging raising kids in this world. But, we trust, Lord that you will give us wisdom to be the mom or dad that honors you – even in this day and age. Give us wisdom to guide them through bullying, teenage friendships and the lessons of life. For every predator and every harm aimed at our children, we ask for your protection over our children.

Lord in all things we just pray for the strength to do better. We never get to a point of having it all together. So in every area of our life and marriage – lead us, guide us, strengthen us to do better – in your sight.

In Jesus’ name – Amen

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