Friday Prayer: Prayer for our Spouse

Friday Prayer: Prayer for our Spouse

Portrait Of Romantic Senior African American Couple In ParkLord, today we take time to thank you for the gift of our spouse. For all that they are, and all that they are not, they are your gift to us. So, we thank you for the imperfections, the annoying habits, idiosyncrasies, believing that it all works for our good.

In deed God, show us how to see our spouse and our marriage differently. Teach us how to appreciate and love what we don’t understand. Guide us into the truth of who you have given us. Temper our tongue that we would encourage and edify them.

We pray God, for their health. Protect their body, give wisdom to their thoughts and lift their spirits in a special way. Where their is pain or sickness, we pray your power and ability to heal and restore.

Ultimately Lord, you know our spouse and care more intimately about them than we are capable of. So we pray their continued trust and dependence in and on You.

Please Lord, bless my husband or wife, in Jesus’ name.

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