Friday Prayer: Make me a Better Spouse

Friday Prayer: Make me a Better Spouse

Lord today, teach me to be a better husband or wife. Help me to look inward. Today, my focus is not in what is wrong with him or her, but I pray that you grow me! Everywhere that I am lacking, please supply me with wisdom.

Help me to be a better lover, a better friend, and better source of support for my spouse.  This is my personal prayer to you. Regardless of what is done to me, in any way that my spouse doesn’t fulfill me, help me see you and respond according to the peace you have placed in my heart.

Lord, show me, me. So I may see where I am hurting and stymieing my spouse and marriage. Help me Lord, to love in a more Christ like way. This is my prayer in your name.


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3 thoughts on “Friday Prayer: Make me a Better Spouse

  1. Michelle Baptiste

    Friday Prayer: Lord “The Truth Shall Make Me Free”(St. John 8:32).
    God please continue to work these characteristics that you are building to make my life more victorious. I pray for the ability to discern persons sent into my life by God. I pray for a deeper understanding of the wisdom and application of God’s instructions. I pray for increased faith to sow seeds into my present and future. I pray for insight and confidence in my future. I pray for the revelation of how God will use what I have in my hand to create the future that I desire. Lord help me to change my believing in order to change what is happening in my life. Amen and I Thank You My Heavenly Father

  2. Lata

    I used to be so bad about worrying over thgins that if I didn’t have anything to worry about ,then I worried over that. Over the years I learned that worry doesn’t fix a thing. Now I just offer it up to God and He takes care of thgins.

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