coverA Better Relationship with your spouse, starts with a Better Relationship with Christ

Are you and your spouse “connected” the way you both want to be? Is your marriage all that God designed it to be? Is your marriage in need of being reconnected in areas that matter to you? If you are not satisfied with the answers to those questions, then this book is for you.

Through personal reflection and the wisdom of marriages captured in the Bible, Elevate Your Marriage, will help husbands and wives remove what keeps their marriage separated and enables them to join together intimately — spiritually and completely.

  • What if your financial stresses became financial intimacy?
  • What if how you communicated in your marriage became an entrance to deep emotional connection?
  • What if your marriage’s sexual relationship was a consistent place of knowing and experiencing each other without reservation?
  • What if you connected to the vision, mission and goals of God, for your marriage?
  • What if your marriage moved from the 98% that doesn’t pray, to intimate time together with God in ways that worked for your specific relationship.

Where your marriage is connected to God is where your marriage connects to each other the best. But, where a marriage lacks spiritual intimacy any idea of “other” intimacy from sexual to financial to emotional, will only be a downward spiral of learned behaviors and a program of activities or to-do items. In this book, Edward will share 7 practical, easy to implement practices that will elevate your relationship with Christ as they, Elevate Your Marriage.

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