Elevate Your Marriage: 7 Practices of Highly Intimate Couples

Elevate Your Marriage: 7 Practices of Highly Intimate Couples

Elevate_Your_Marriage copyAre you and your spouse “connected” the way you both want to be? Is your marriage all that God designed it to be? Is your marriage in need of being reconnected in areas that matter to you? If you are not satisfied with the answers to those questions, then Edward’s new book, Elevate Your Marriage: 7 Practices of Highly Intimate Couples is for you.

Through personal reflection and the wisdom of marriages captured in the Bible, Elevate Your Marriage, will help husbands and wives remove what keeps their marriage separated and enable them to join together intimately — spiritually and completely.

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Check out eight quotes and mini-excerpts from the new book:

  1. The first reality of marital intimacy is that in Genesis 2:25, before the entrance of sex, sin, or any form of distraction, Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed in front of God,  It is a verse that clearly describes their physical state of nakedness but, in the context of its companion verses, also points to their completely open, unbound, unblemished triangular emotional and spiritual openness between them and God. So here is a question to ponder, when was the last time you were naked and unashamed in front of your spouse? Not just naked physically, but emotionally, spiritually, totally — exposed, unfiltered, and uncovered — with and in front of your spouse?
  2. Building a mutually enjoyable sex life takes more than showing up at night, it is the emotional and spiritual connections that abide throughout our relationship.
  3. One of the first acts of building an intimate sexual relationship is the ability to forgive.
  4. Our Christ centered lifestyle inspires us to love our spouse strangely by this world’s secular standards, but as we do, it leads to unprecedented intimacy.
  5. “For his part, Genesis 3:6 explains that Adam was present but silent, “…and she gave also to her husband with her, and he ate.” Can’t you see him standing there, silent, confused, overwhelmed, and unsure what to do? God had given the command regarding the tree and its fruit, directly to Adam. He knew what God said first-hand. But now another voice, an unauthorized voice, is speaking and Eve is listening. Adam’s silence is screaming, “What do I do, what should I say, how should I respond?” It is that familiar place where in our prayer time and time with God, we know what God said…Yet — we still have to live in a world where snakes speak to our gift from God and we feel compelled to give an answer. That compelling, pressing desire to respond to the strange voices that slither and creep in to our marriage is precisely why our relationship with God matters. Because, just as it was in their marriage, Eve’s listening, Adam’s silence, and their collective blindness toward God forever replaced naked and unashamed with divided and covered up.”
  6. The etymology of the word forgive, comes from two German words, for and give. “For,” which represents thoughts of neglect or abandon — as seen in words like, for-bid or for-lorn. That idea of neglect or not doing something is then paired with “give,” which means to freely turn over or transfer to another. When you then marry (pun intended) those two thoughts, when you for-give, you are neglecting to transfer what has been done or has happened to you. It is the strength to say, “Yes, you stepped on my toe, but I choose not to transfer my feeling about it, to you — you are forgiven”.
  7. It is the epitome of an elevated marriage because the two individuals that make up your marriage are consistently going through spiritual breakdowns and then being supernaturally rebuilt and reshaped by Christ. Over and over again, your spouse, as well as their spouse (you), are falling down and then being picked up by Christ.
  8. If you are now in a Christian marriage, even if you are in it alone, your secret weapon to intimacy is that you are covered in a durable, lasting manner through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and shed blood on the Cross. What that means to your marriage, is that intimacy can be regained. It means that every place where distance divides your marriage can be closed. It means that just like God stepped into Adam and Eve’s marriage, He can step in to your marriage and traverse places of distance as wide as the mighty Mississippi River. That distance does not have to equal divorce.

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