Every marriage is susceptible to becoming stuck in our opinions, feelings, hurts and perspectives as husband and wife.

Elevate Your Marriage exists to encourage Christian married couples to ELEVATE their views on every aspect of their relationship, by enjoying a better relationship with Christ.

Through the Elevate Your Marriage Classes your marriage will move beyond the limitations of the feelings, thoughts and intentions of husband and wife as you explore and implement the heavenly wisdom of God into your marriage. Each class is based on principles found through the real stories of married couples in the Bible.

This unique approach, provides your marriage with the unique wisdom of God, that reaches, strengthens and encourages your marriage right where God knows you are.

Courses Currently Available: 

Let’s Talk: The Art of a Three-Way Conversation In this 17 minute video course, Edward teaches how to move beyond explosive, land mine conversations that make every conversation and interaction a tentative one. Rather, this class will point your marriage toward an effective, unique communication style that brings husbands and wives together. Cost of this transforming session is $15


More Classes Coming Soon…


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