I have, for the past two years not decorated my home or purchased presents for Christmas simply because of the commercialization of the season. I am still trying to figure out how to best represent Christ during the season but I am not as close to a resolution as I thought I’d be. Gone are the days when I would take out my “not so real tree”, decorate it with ornaments to my liking, presents wrapped and placed under said tree and whatever else that I may come up. As a Christian, and more importantly, as someone searching for more of Him, I am pleased with the decisions I have made. Due to these decisions, I have thus far garnered a few realizations:

(1).CHRISTmas is about CHRIST not me or you; in essence, I do not need a gift and I surely will not be among those folks at the mall or any other store looking for that ideal gift.

(2). It is not my birthday, neither is it yours…again, why am I giving you a gift?

(3). Where did December 25th come from in terms of the date of Christ’s birth?

I may not get the answers I am looking for and that is okay. I want to ensure that I am on the path I am supposed to be on and it is not about me as an individual, it is about how He can use me for His kingdom and His glory. I have had friends ask, “What about the kids?” and my response is always the same, “What about them?” They are just fine; they have no worries in the world. They are loved, cared for, there is a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and more importantly, food on the table, they are just fine. I teach them to put Christ first and foremost in their lives and my hope is that He will ultimately use them for His purpose someday.

In the spirit of CHRISTmas I urge you to concentrate on Him. Rather than purchasing gifts use that money to make a contribution to a nonprofit organization such as a church, homeless shelter, food pantry, etc. I can guarantee that giving something extra to the homeless person on the street or giving to an organization that is trying to make a difference in the world will ultimately plant a seed that will blossom into something worthwhile. In essence, give and not look for anything in return!

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