Can God Still Do It?

Can God Still Do It?

man in worshipI have recently been studying in the book of Isaiah and I came across this verse and thought in Isa. 7:9 “…If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all.” (ESV).

Pretty straightforward message that hits us right in our heart and the heart of our marriage.

King Ahaz of Judah has two powerful enemies coming together to destroy him and the people of Judah. God sends a message through Isaiah the Prophet to Ahaz that all the talk and bluster of his enemies was just talk and that it would not work. God takes all the responsibility and provides all of the insight but the final determination of how this is going to work out belongs to Ahaz.

In the face of what God calls, two smoldering firebrands, which just sounds scary, God lets Ahaz know it really is up to you. There is really no chance that you can stand if you do not think that God can do it.

When smoldering firebrands conspire against our marriage we have no chance to stand if we are not firm in our faith. Stand firm in your knowledge of God. What do you think God can still do?


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One thought on “Can God Still Do It?

  1. Michelle Baptiste

    I think that God can still do with His spirit many things. He can flow to and through you,as God’s Holy Spirit can wash away all your bitterness of the past. Take heart, because your heavenly Father loves, your Father helps, your Father fights your battles, and your Father wins.

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