What Does it Mean to, Elevate Your Marriage?

To Elevate is to lift up or to look up. Along those same lines, Elevate Your Marriage is a daily blog that encourages couples to look up to Christ.

Beyond the thoughts and good intentions of a husband and wife is the immeasurable wisdom and guidance of God. So often, our marriages become trapped  on earth because the wisdom of God feels so far away. To that end, ordained Christian minister, Bible College Teacher, Relationship Educator and Author – Edward Lee created ElevateYourMarriage.com in February 2011.

About Edward

Edward is a husband and father that loves making the deep stuff of the Bible easy to understand…because “that is what saved my relationship and marriage”. As he talks about openly in the first HWG book , Edward and his wife and had a rough five years of dating and first few years of marriage – fairly literally, they broke up every weekend…

“What I now share in my books, speaking and through this blog is what I know that God can do – from the experience of my own relationship. God really can save marriages as couples grow in their relationship with Christ.”

I am honest with those that I have the opportunity to share with, by saying – I don’t have a PhD, I have not been married for 30 years, but what I share is the wisdom of God in real life, easy to implement, practical ways. What I do have is a passion for sharing the wisdom of God for our marriages today that is found in the 40 plus marriages in the Bible.

So take a minute to look around the site – check out the post’s either by me or one of our contributors. Then share your insights and reactions so that we can all ELEVATE our marriages off of ourselves and onto God.

7 thoughts on “About Edward

  1. Tanya Sanders

    Wow! God really moves in his way. I’m looking forward to checking out this site and purchasing your book Ed! I am a Smithite (class of 95′) and I am sooooooo proud of you man!!!! Yaye! Looking forward to reading your books also!!!

  2. Venez

    Thank you for the blog. I wish you were able to reach out to more men. It seems that women are so connected to the relationships and always doing something to make life better. It would be nice if you could reach out to them..thank you for your blog.

  3. Trave` and Suzetta

    Awesome blog, we are launching a blog and excited to know there are others who share the same passion for Christ and marriage. We invite you to view our blog and other social media outlets. Together, we can change the world!

  4. Quentina

    I stumbled across this in my email but I thought it was great timing. I am at my wits end with my spouse. We have been married since 2008 but have been separated for almost 2 yrs–since Nov 2013. I was caught by a comment you referenced of a friend that ended a marriage because of the lack of the actual spiritual practices vs outward church attendance. My spouse and I met in Church. Before even considering to date, I prayed, fasted, I listened not only to what he said of himself but asked others who knew him. My whole marriage has turned into nightmare. It is very important to me to have a Christ-centered home. What I saw of his spiritual practices–that he would do individually but had the hardest time doing it jointly with another person. I chose to leave because I was losing myself in the worst way and I wanted to protect myself and our 2yr old from what was going on. I have sent him divorce papers twice which he refuses to sign. He refuses to really communicate with me. He uses every excuse to avoid offering any resolutions/solutions to our issues. He only complains about the wrongs committed against him. I recently suggested that we try to rebuild a friendship (before I found your blog/email) since we weren’t strong enough to address the main issues of the marriage. It seemed on the surface that he was in agreement but he still continues the same negative speech/attitude towards me. He hasnt shown true positive behavior toward me. I fully acknowledge that Heavenly Father has shown me my errors, his errors, how our backgrounds have affected our decisions/perspectives, and actions. He has acknowledged my pain, heartache, at times hopelessness. I have tried to make restitution with my spouse but to no avail. I dont know what more to do.

  5. Racquel Green-Williams

    My Husband’s goes to his parents house at least four times for a given week. Usually sometimes he picks me up from work and heads straight there. On sundays, if we plan a getaway day, usually his parents accompany us. It bothers me alot. I have spoken to him about it, but he says this shoud not be a issue as they are his parents.

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