6 Things That Make an Exceptional Spouse

6 Things That Make an Exceptional Spouse

Are you the best spouse that you can be? 

Talk about a loaded question. But then our own answer hits us with a resounding thud. Of course not. Surely there is something else we all can do a little better.

I thought about this as I was reading a recent Inc. Magazine blog post about what exceptional business leaders do better than others. As it is true in business it is true in any facet of life – there are those that are not too good at what they do, there are those that are alright and then there are the exceptional.

When it comes to marriage, what makes for an exceptional spouse? 

Similar to the business world, being exceptional in marriage calls for reading the culture and situation of the marriage. Each marriage is different and what works in one marriage might not work in another. However, here are six ways that should move us toward becoming a better than average, even exceptional spouse:

  1. Become Great Communicators. We can not talk enough about how we talk to each other. There is not an area of our marriage that is not impacted by how we talk and express ourselves to each other. Our communication either is the problem or the bridge back from the problem. I have read so many books about communication in marriage – even wrote a few chapters on it myself – but it always seems to boil down to lovingly saying what we feel and hearing what is being said. The more we can honestly say how we feel and what we need the stronger our communication becomes. But also we have to hear each other. And hearing is different than listening. Hearing is seeking to understand from our spouse’s point of view, not our own. Check out my Water, Coca-Cola, Coffee analogy of communication.
  2. I am sorry. I forgive you. Two of the most exceptional displays of humility in a marriage. Admitting when we are wrong sometimes feels like turning our back on a wild animal. We become vulnerable and lose control of the outcome by placing ourselves into our spouse’s hand. But admitting we messed up, ultimately buys us a lot of credibility with our spouse and more importantly keeps us in right relationship with Christ. As much as we need to be forgiven we have to also forgive. Neither of these is easy, that is why sincerely admitting our wrongs and forgiving their wrongs brings exceptional results to a marriage.
  3. Share One Another’s Load. Running a house, raising kids and then being productive on our jobs is tiring. An exceptional spouse knows nothing about 50-50 and adopts a vested partner role. Seeking to take the load off of our spouse makes their life easier if even in only small ways. While the rule may be “that” is a man’s job and “this” is a woman’s role but when we can move beyond those boundaries we demonstrate how much we value our spouse and thus, put exceptional strength into our relationship. Note to Husbands: There was a study that came out a few years ago that made a strong link between the amount of house work a man does and the degree of intimacy he enjoys with his wife.
  4. Solve Problems Side by Side. Change your language from “you”, to “we” and “us” and you can begin to move from confrontational to partnership in your marriage. Change “you” are always late, which is 100% on them. To, “we” need to work on being on time, which is walking side by side. That is exceptional patience in humility in that you remove blame and walk together. Check out the marriage of Manoah and his wife in Judges 13 for more insight.
  5. Complement (Verbally). After a few years we get so comfortable with each other that we can forget our manners. Never stop saying thank you. Take note of your spouse’s new clothes or improved attitude. At times we have to be intentional about continuing to express our feelings and admiration. SO make it a habit to routinely check yourself,  are you paying enough attention to your spouse, more importantly are you telling them what you are seeing and feeling.
  6. Wisdom. Exceptional spouses seek exceptional wisdom. If you even suspect that an action or behavior might lead to a bigger problem, then don’t do it! For example, the wise, exceptional spouse doesn’t linger in conversations that are clearly leading us in the wrong direction. Just ask David, Uriah and Bathsheba In every area of our relationship our godly wisdom will lead us out of potential trouble spots and keep us from making terrible mistakes that will threaten our marriage’s stability.

An interesting closing thought is that we can do all of these things and our spouse may or may not see the value in them. Being “exceptional” isn’t about reaching a destination, rather it is best seen in our desire to be exceptional in God’s sight. That is when we are at our exceptional best toward our spouse.

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