16 Ways to Keep God in the Center of Your Marriage

16 Ways to Keep God in the Center of Your Marriage

16 Ways to Keep God in the Center of Your Marriage

1. Read Together. Primarily things about Christ – the Bible, or Christian books. But don’t limit yourselves. There is nothing wrong with reading a good novel or autobiography.

2. Prayer. Most couples struggle to routinely pray together. So if praying with each other is not your thing, then exchange prayer requests and pray for each other throughout the day.

3. Go for a Walk. Hold hands talk and get close.

4. Write a note. Sometimes, especially for us guys, it is hard for us to express ourselves. Send a letter, pour out your heart and end it with a prayer.

5. Short Trip. Don’t wait for your annual two week vacation to get away. Leave this weekend.

6. Talk 15 minutes a day. Turn off the tv, put the cell on vibrate, then sit on the couch and just talk.

7. Memorize Scripture. Add a spice of competitiveness to your relationship (if you need any more – LOL). Challenge each other to memorize a passage that is relevant to your marriage. Then come up with a prize for the first person to memorize it – be creative!

8. See a Christian Counselor. There does not have to be a level 10 problem for you to find a third party to talk to. Sometimes it is better to talk when there are no real problems, before emotional strains, begin to strangle the relationship.

9. Mid Day Rendezvous. Meet for a quick cup of coffee at the local coffee shop.

10. Secret Project. Engage your marriage in a project to help others in your neighborhood or community. But keep it just between the two of you and God.

11. Share the struggles that God has brought your marriage through with another, younger, couple. Being a source of encouragement to others, is a great way to grasp the concreteness of what God has done for you. Sometimes, I have to tell or share the story with others to get the full meaning myself.

12. Hang with an older couple. Go out with an older couple that the two of you admire. Sometimes, God speaks to us through others. Find a couple that has been through some scrapes and bruises in their marriage and walk with God. The choice is yours, you can make this a formal thing where you ask them about their marriage. Or you can just observe through conversation.

13. Let “it” Go. Forgive them.

14. Mediate. Christian meditation different from how some other groups meditate, is to get more of the truths about God into your heart and mind. Marriage and life provides a great backdrop to think deeply about the goodness, grace and mercy of God.

15. Practice unselfishness. Just as Christ demonstrated an unselfish love toward us – demonstrate an act of unselfish love toward your spouse.

16. Bring God into your bedroom! I have heard it says that couples that pray together have better sex. So keep praying and growing in your relationship with God…as often and passionately as the Lord allows.

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9 thoughts on “16 Ways to Keep God in the Center of Your Marriage

  1. Nate

    Thanks brother for sharing this. I’m getting married in a little over 30 days and we plan on having an intentional marriage. The only way we can do that is to have God at the center of our relationship. We will keep these 16 ways close to our hearts.

    God Bless You Brother

  2. LaWanda

    I love this article. The points are concise and simple yet I am sure will yield great results. Thanks as we plan to implement some of the 16 that we have not already been doing.

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