15 Words Every Husband Should Learn

15 Words Every Husband Should Learn

iStock_000026099337_ExtraSmallOn the first day of my school for my son, I met a nice older gentlemen that was dropping off his grand kids for school. He was the kind of guy I like to talk to. Well into his seventies but he his eyes and personality let you know he loved life and making people laugh. So as we talked about life and the future we wanted for our kids/grand kids, he shared some advice he had heard from a preacher and loved to share with young couples. Fifteen words that every husband should use and even master.

Words 1-3: I am sorry.

Only say it if you mean it – that’s worse than not saying it. But, if/when you mess up or fall short, apologize from your heart. Flowers and gifts go a long way, but start with a display of humility. I am sorry.

Words 4-6: You look beautiful.

Aging is a beautiful process. It is one that none can escape – not even in Hollywood. Take some time to look at your wife and fall in love with her again. When we were kids a woman’s physical attributes would drive us crazy. But as we get older, and grow in Christ, things look different. A woman that praises the Lord and walks with the Lord has a beauty that time can not fade away. So look again, see your wife’s joy in the Lord and tell her – You look beautiful…

Words 7-9: Whatever you want. 

Short answer here. Be humble, count the cost and when there is a choice to be made between wallpaper and paint or her favorite restaurant and yours master saying – Whatever you want – dear.

Words 10-12: I love you.

Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. I Peter 4:8

The deeper our reservoir to express our love for our wife, the more readily we can forgive, move on, serve, respect and pray for our wife. Make it a frequent heart felt statement matched by actions that demonstrate – I Love You.

Words 13-15: You are right.

Geesh, more humility. We are raised to think we have to know all and be all. However, we are not always or maybe even usually right. So when we mess up, say so – you are right I should have done it differently. It may hurt a little but you will gain your wife’s respect in ways that you might appreciate…

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4 thoughts on “15 Words Every Husband Should Learn

  1. Eric

    I need to work on words 13 to 15 more. Great list, thanks for sharing. I guess the biggest challenge I’ve seen is when guys try to use words 4-6 in place of all the others…or immediately before or after using the others. I really like the explanation for words 4-6.

  2. Edward

    Yeah great point re: trying to use “I Love You” as the fix for everything else. But also I think struggling with saying “You are right” is what makes us men – LOL.

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