11 Priceless Christmas Gifts That Don’t Cost Anything

11 Priceless Christmas Gifts That Don’t Cost Anything

I have never been a big gift giver. It has never really been my thing. Rather than spend money on something, I have always been more comfortable giving my heart. I know that is sappy for a guy to say. But I remember when I was in college I would drive 10 hours home, and just show up on my parent’s doorstep (with my laundry). That was the gift that I had to give at that time, as a broke college student. But even now, I find that the best gifts are not the ones that come from the mall, from a jewelry store or off a car dealer’s showroom floor. Here are a few priceless gifts that you can give this Christmas:

  1. Write a letter. Tell them how you feel, from the heart and in your own handwriting.
  2. Show up unexpected. Surprise your love one. Pick them up early from work or something unexpected.
  3. Sacrifice time. The busiest time of year for just about all of us is Christmastime. By clearing your schedule to spend some time even if just a few minutes, sends a clear message.
  4. Go for a walk. Take your spouse by the hand and go for a winter stroll through the neighborhood or park. Something about s good brisk walk, brings about memories and conversation that might not normally have come about.
  5. Take time to laugh. We have a tendency to make that holidays into such a stress-filled time. But really there is just so much to be thankful for so laugh your way through it – together.
  6. Make their favorite meal. Nothing says I love you, like food. Whenever my wife goes out of her way to make something I like, I am reminded of just how much I am loved.
  7. Make love. No need to add to this one.
  8. Write a song.
  9. Fix something around the house. A recent study says that the more housework a man does has a direct correlation to the intimate relationship he shares with his wife. Likewise, husbands are won when they see their wife’s dedication to the household. So make it a shares activity, do something together around the house.
  10. Tell them how you really feel. Sometime a card just can not tell it all. So…tell him or her yourself.
  11. Pray for them. The greatest gift of all is to know your spouse is praying with and for you. Once we leave our front door, we are entered into a world of confusion but knowing someone is praying, is an enormous gift that can not be replaced.


This Christmas give the best gift you have – YOU!

So EYM, what is the bet gift you have to give to your spouse?


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2 thoughts on “11 Priceless Christmas Gifts That Don’t Cost Anything

  1. Dedicated

    This is great! I never know what to tell my husband to buy me as a present, but I would like to think that I’m fairly easy to please. I would always choose a give from the heart verus a store bought gift.

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