10 Tips to Bless Your Wife – Today

10 Tips to Bless Your Wife – Today

Today is not a major holiday, you don’t want anything but just because, take some time today and bless your wife. As you bless her, it will bless you…

  1. Flowers. Cliche, but it works for a reason. It brightens up your wife’s day. Especially if you don’t typically send/bring flowers. She will love it.
  2. Send a short text. “I know you are busy, just wanted to tell you I love You.”
  3. Pray for your wife. Above all we say and do, a short heartfelt prayer goes farther and means more than anything else. Sometimes it is not enough for your wife to know you pray for her, let her see and hear it.
  4. Spontaneous lunch. Surprise her with a lunch at her favorite spot.
  5. Pick up the kids. Give your wife some down time. Pick up the kids and let her chill out for a minute.
  6. Cook Dinner. Caution: If you can’t cook, call in an order at the local takeout spot.  But let her take the day off.
  7. Fix something around the house that is important to your wife. Every husband has a list of things that need to be done around the house, that is longer than time in the day. So, today, take some time to cross off one thing.
  8. Kiss. No further explanation needed here. Take a moment out of all that needs to be done and give her a kiss.
  9. Write a Letter. Memorialize your feelings in a letter. With all of the gains of technology in the best decade or so, the art of writing has all but gone away. In your own handwriting, tell her how much you love her, how much she really means to you.
  10. Ask. How can I bless you today? I like to say, “Guess and I will get it wrong, tell me and I will know”. Then, clear the calendar, cancel the meetings, rearrange your day and do whatever she wants to do.

If you really want to do it up, pick more than one of these or create your own. The point is that our wives are a gift from God. Life keeps us running so fast and sometimes we have to be intentional about blessing our wives and letting them know just how special they are. Not on a holiday when we are supposed to buy or do something, but just on an ordinary October Wednesday.

So guys, how are you going to bless your wife, today?

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11 thoughts on “10 Tips to Bless Your Wife – Today

  1. Corrie Pittman

    Please send me more info, conferences, etc, on your site, such a wonderful thing, trying to strengthen marriages, every couple can benefit from this, I know my husband and I can-

    1. Edward

      @Corrie thanks for your comment! The purpose of the site is to get couples to “elevate” their perspective above themselves and look up to Jesus. We started in Feb 2011 & the Lord is blessing the blog. We try to post something new daily, as often as we can.

      The Elevate Your Marriage Conference follows the format of my Husbands, Wives, God books, which use the stories of the marriages of the Bible to share practical principles for our marriages today. The standard conference is a half day long from 2-5 hours, but I have done customized conferences for churches that have ranged from 2 hours to a 2 day weekend event. As long as I can make my books available than I ask that churches or groups to cover the cost of my travel and lodging. Most offer a love offering, but I do not charge a set fee to speak.

      Feel free to contact me at info@edwardclee.com if you have any more specific questions – God Bless.

  2. Joe Isaac

    Do most all of that and it comes to deaf ears. I do most of the cooking cleaning, earn over 6 figures, laundry, aniamals to the vets, still come home to a frigid wife every night. Quality time listen to her day even to the point of taking notes to keep upwith all of the cowirkers and acronymes for progrjects…..I get more affectin from my two dogs thatn the wife. she might wear something attractive to bed 6-8 times per year. Why should i work 24/7 to try to be the beest possible husband possible.

    1. Edward

      @Joe I feel you. I would assume you have talked to your wife about how you are feeling. If you have not tried counseling as a couple, that might be the next move. Even, if either of you are not interested in going to a counselor, I would suggest you see someone for yourself – just to talk.

      Praying with you!

  3. shelly

    My husband is addicted to facebook. We have only been married 9 months. He post Christian things on there and comments on political posts. He isn’t doing anything immoral. He just loses track of time and spends hours on there at night. I go to bed alone. I’ve tried talking to him about it with no avail. He doesn’t hear me. It is causing distance between us. Any suggestions?

    1. Edward

      @Shelly – At nine months I would imagine there are a lot of changes and adjustments that the two of you are making just getting used to being married. So perhaps the two of you can set mutually agreeable boundaries around FaceBook use. For example, how many hours a day, what times Facebook is off limits, and that you will both go to bed together. I am of the thought that the more that you can spell out the better. So talk, come to mutual agreements and write it down. The idea of writing it down is not to throw in each other’s face or use as a contract but to reach a clear understanding as to what is good and bad FB use. Other areas that this might work in is, household chores, finances, parenting responsibilities – etc…

      Praying With You!

  4. Brooke

    I love this! My husband tries, but he’s not perfect…so I gave him a gentle reminder by posting this on his FB wall…and sending him an email :) (I know, I know, wives are supposed to be blessing their husbands, too!)

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